Kou "Tsukiko" Sakakido
The effeminate twin.






1-A (Badge Holder)


Tsukiko "Kou" Sakakido - Older Sister

Kou "Tsukiko" Sakakido is the twin and younger brother of Tsukiko "Kou" Sakakido who poses as his older sister in order to make her dream of becoming a Supreme Commander true. He is also the holder of the female Class A Badge, due to his unbelievable skills in housework.

Character OutlineEdit


Kou is both shy and effeminate, the exact opposite of what a man should be in that age, easy to cry and extremely weak in strength. In addition to that, he is also very skilled in many female-specific roles, such as cooking, cleaning, and other housework, much to the horror of his father. Despite this, Kou has been known to show incredible bouts of determination and will when it comes to his sister, such as staying in a gas-filled room to win a competition for rights on his sister. His sister complex stems from their childhood when Tsukiko protected him from the many bullies that often picked on him as a kid.

He also tends to have his more manly moments, such as displaying protectiveness for his sister and comforting Kaya, a young moon rabbit girl who seems to be falling for him despite her initial attraction to Tsukiko. Kou even resorts to revenge and seems almost even scary in certain situations, though again, most of these events are centered around Tsukiko and taking care of both of her health and body, extremely worried about the boys in her domitory discovering her secret. His resourcefulness and careful nature are also quite handy whenever Tsukiko manages to get herself into trouble, though he himself is, at times, unable to deal with the situation as well as hoped.